Full Service Sustainable Landscaping

Wild Rose Gardens is a full service sustainable landscaping company, servicing the Bay Area Since 1995.

Design and Build Services

Consultation/Drawing Up a Cost Estimate

During a landscape consultation we will meet and walk with you through your property to better understand your expectations and vision for how you want your garden to function in your life. We will draw up a general plan based on our suggestions for implementing your vision and provide you with estimated costs.

Wild Rose Gardens-consult-site-assesment-

Landscape consultation and site assessment

Site Analysis/Design and Planting Plan

We will look at how the sun, wind and rain/runoff will influence the areas we are developing and how to optimize these influences to create the conditions for your plants, pathways and sitting/play areas. Whenever possible we use reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood for building fences, decks, and all other structures and present you with options for alternatives to wood. When available we build with reclaimed stone or brick. When we do purchase raw materials we seek out local manufacturers and vendors.

Design by Rosemary Zappulla, Drawing by Christine Wiseman

Water Source & Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Installation

Drip irrigation reduces water use because there is less evaporation compared to above ground spray heads. Irrigation emitters are plant specific and only irrigate desirable plants excluding weeds. We create Irrigation zones based on sun and wind influences and watering needs of plants helping to save unnecessary watering.

Wild Rose Gardens- plants plan

Grey Water Installation

Greywater systems redirect water used for washing into an irrigation system. Grey water is untreated waste water which has not come into contact with toilet waste.

Wild Rose Gardens-Greywater-systems

Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Roof catchment systems are the most common type we use to collect rain water and route it through a system of gutters and pipes into a rain barrel, usually located on the ground level.
Wild Rose Gardens-rainwater-systems

Ongoing Maintenance

Chemical Free Garden Care

An organic approach to dealing with pests and disease, gardening without chemicals ensures that the food and plants you grow are free of pesticides or chemicals, growing without danger to the safety of our wildlife.


Compost Bin Maintenance

We encourage Worm Bin composting for composting your food scraps. Worms create vermicompost and castings that are applied to soil and containers adding beneficial microbes and nutrients. We also maintain dry compost piles. Our aim is to compost all plant debris coming out of your garden and most of your food scraps coming out of your kitchen.

worm-bin composting wild rose gardens landscaping

Irrigation Systems Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance of irrigation systems includes checking controller programs, running stations, checking for leaks and repairing leaks.

Grey Water maintenance includes flushing systems, refreshing mulch basins and cleaning out grey water outlets.

Rain Water maintenance includes flushing filters and testing first flush diverters.


Seasonal Pruning

We prune Fruit Trees and other deciduous trees during their Winter dormancy along with evergreen shrubs and trees after flowering.

Yearly pruning reinvigorates trees and increases harvest of fruits and nut trees.

Wild rose garden landscaping pruning fruit trees

Featured Landscapes

Our design team at Wild Rose Gardens will work with you to actualize your vision of a garden that rejuvenates your spirit, nourishes your body, or simply brings you inspiring beauty and co-create a Sustainable Design.
Rosemary Zappulla - Landscape Designer - Wild Rose Gardens

El Cerrito

Rosemary Zappulla - Landscape Designer - Wild Rose Gardens

San Francisco

Client Testimonials

“The best thing about Rosemary is that she is an excellent garden designer who really knows her plants and knows how to manage a garden without pesticides, in the best tradition of California organic gardening.”

Judith Innes
Albany, California

“Rosemary and her garden care crew have looked after my garden when I had to be away a lot in the Summer and I appreciate their faithfulness, caring and conscientious attention when I could not be there.”

J. Reily
Kensington, CA.

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