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Our design team at Wild Rose Gardens will work with you to actualize your vision of a garden that rejuvenates your spirit, nourishes your body, or simply brings you inspiring beauty and co-create a Sustainable Design.

  • Our Bay Friendly designs include a careful selection of plants. These plants offer supportive nutrients to the soil and attract beneficial insects that eat plant pests. They also generate natural mulch, which is water retentive, weed suppressive, and conditions the soil over time. Delicious edible plants and herbs can be chosen for your garden to assist in promoting your health and vitality.

"Rosemary was so knowledgeable about plants and garden design and thanks to her expertise, flexibility and enthusiasm, we now have a flourishing beautiful garden." 

"Something wonderful is happening in this garden at every time of year. We are so much more than satisfied; we are grateful!"       

— Irene Kiebert and Michael Fischer 
El Cerrito, California

  • We incorporate drought tolerant California Native plants, which are key to water conservation. They help restore the natural local habitat and reduce the need for continuous irrigation in your garden. Other water conserving strategies include installing drip irrigation, grey water and rain catchment systems. They are directly applied as on-site irrigation for your garden. By reducing your garden’s water usage, we can effectively lower your expenses and preserve this precious resource.

" Rosemary Zappulla beautifully designed and planted our patio area and creekside garden with California Natives. We highly recommend Wild Rose Gardens Sustainable Landscape Company."

— Rita Heberlin and Pat Kaulda  
Albany, California

  • Our commitment to sustainability applies to all stages of landscaping. We avoid use of all PVC in our irrigation installations and instead choose safer plastics. We use reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood for building fences, decks, and all other structures and present you with options for alternatives to wood. Whenever possible we build with reclaimed stone or brick. When we do purchase raw materials we seek out local manufacturers and vendors.

“Rosemary has transformed our garden into a lovely native sanctuary. Birds, bees, butterflies and people are all  drawn to it! I am using some of the plants introduced to us for teas and salves. She is a thoughtful and thorough designer.”

— Mary Ford , Rob Lewis
Berkeley, California.

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